5 cool things in the opulent new Hyundai Alcazar

Hyundai’s foray into India’s 7-seater segment was steamrolled largely by the souped-up Creta, christened the Alcazar. But that’s not to say the bigger cousin doesn’t have much more to offer, rather it takes the Creta and stretches it up a notch in almost every corner you see, needless to say, in price as well. The Alcazar surely needs to be on the cards for someone who is in the market for a luxurious 7-seater while not compromising on creature comforts, coming from a brand worth decades of trust among Indian buyers.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons into what makes the Alcazar one of the best offerings in its segment.

5 Reasons why the Hyundai Alcazar turns heads in it’s segment

Blind spot assist:        

The Hyundai Alcazar gets equipped with a fully digital drivers display of course, but that also gives one access to one of the most thoughtful safety gizmos in the industry. Regular blind spot monitoring, the one where an orange triangle lights up at the corner of the ORVM, is too mainstream; so this new luxury 7-seater displays up a blind spot camera feed on the MID whenever a respective turn indicator is engaged. Not only does this bellow the opulence of the car, it also ups the ante in terms of safety on Indian roads and highways.

Panoramic Sunroof:

The Hyundai Alcazar gets an absolutely gorgeous panoramic sunroof that exudes a sense of airiness and life into the flagship 7-seater’s cabin. An exuberant presentation of class, the panoramic sunroof pops back as one of the most loved features in any car in the Indian market right now.

Keyless entry:

When you have a car as sumptuous as the Hyundai Alcazar, you might expect it to do most of the stuff for you. Thus, fret not, as this car even saves the precious seconds you spend unlocking your car. As you approach it with the key in your pocket, the car automatically unlocks, unfolding the outside mirrors, and welcoming you to your chariot.

LED Light cluster

Instrument cluster customisation: 

Conforming to the context of drivers’ displays, the Alcazar gets a 4-way customisable screen right under the driver’s eye line, definitely improving on the feel-good factor of the car.

It even gets an airplane style tray table

And finally, the 360-degree camera:         

This doesn’t need much elaboration, but 360-degree cameras are one of the greatest inventions among car tech since….perhaps the first infotainment system. A convenience-inducing system that even gives one the safety headroom in every manoeuvre, Hyundai has not cheaped out this system’s camera quality. It’s no 4K display of course, but details are crisp and gets the job done when called upon it services.

The infotainment system is crisp, responsive and the 360-degree camera provides plenty details

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