The story of Bounce Infinity started way back in 2018 with a strong desire and
determination to address the need to bring ease of commuting to people across many categories like small businesses, college students, office-goers, etc.

Bounce Infinity
CEO, Vivekananda Hallekere, at the launch of Bounce Infinity E1, electric scooters.

It is the brainchild of Vivekananda Hallekere (CEO and co-founder) along with Anil
(COO and co-founder) and Varun Agni (CTO and co-founder). The Bounce Swapping Station network has a distribution of close to 200 stations which have completed over 500,000 swaps which have enabled over two crore EV kilometers.

It is set to invest over USD 100 million in the manufacturing of e-scooters and expand the battery swapping infrastructure over the next 12 months. We all know that how EV’s are taking charge in the automobile world so, on 2nd
December 2021, Bounce launch unveiled its first consumer electric scooter, the Bounce
Infinity E1.

It is the only scooter in India with dual options in swappable battery – Scooter with Battery-as-a-Service and Scooter with battery and charger.

Bounce Infinity / Battery Swap
Swappable battery Station

One of the best parts of this scooter is that there is no investment for batteries and you pay per swap for the
battery usage. It runs on a 2kWhr lithium-ion battery. The company claims a battery range
of 85 km and it has practical features which include reverse mode, cruise control, and
drag mode.

Available in five attractive colors, it has an adequate amount of storage, it has all
that is required in a modern-day practical two-wheeler.
It is built on a tubular frame and features hydraulic telescopic front suspension and twin
shock absorbers at the rear – optimized for ride comfort.

Bounce has taken good care of the consumers by giving them all the intelligent and safety
features like Smart App, Anti-theft, Reverse Mode, Cruise Control, Tow Alert,
Geofencing and much more. It goes 0 to 40 km in 8 seconds and there are two modes,
Eco and Power mode. It has EBS which ensures superior braking. The battery life as
mentioned is waterproof IP67 and can be charged by connecting to any regular socket. It
takes around 4-5 hours of charge. It will come equipped with a comprehensive warranty of 3 years, up to 50,000 km.


The scooter with battery and charger is INR 68,999 (Delhi Ex-showroom) and the price for Scooters with Battery-as-a-Service is priced at INR 45,099 (Delhi Ex-Showroom) plus subscription to Battery-as-a-Service. Customers can pre-book this smart scooter by
paying a minimal amount of INR 499 which is totally refundable.

Mr. Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO & Co-Founder, Bounce said, “I strongly believe in the potential of electric vehicles in India – it is with this vision that we launched our in-house EV mobility solutions in June 2019.

Bounce Infinity
Bounce infinity E1

We are glad to announce that we are the first and only ones to provide both options – to swap batteries from our network as well as charge at-home – for the Infinity E1.”
In my opinion, we all as I mentioned that within a few years, EV’s will take on the charge
and they will rule the world, and today, we are at a stage where electric vehicles have just
started to take a position in the market.

Something like Bounce Infinity, which is a startup by the young mind can become a savior especially if we consider the battery part and range.
Something like bounce can position itself well in the market because no other competitor has this USP of swappable batteries and in a country like India, it is made for India, in India.

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