Experience Drives

Jeep Meridian off road drive- Modern and Mucky

If you have ever thought of venturing out off the road but got scared of the dirt and stones messing up the shiny paintjob on your sedan, you aren’t alone. While a crude and barebones SUV is every boy’s dream, you realise that won’t go down well with the family who desire a certain level

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Mahindra Desert Survivor: Dare to Survive

Epilogue 2017: Mahindra Great Escape, GOA 2018: Mahindra Great Escape, Wayanad 2019: Mahindra Great Escape, Sakleshpur 2020: ??? After participating in 3 of the countries biggest off-road experiences, my quench for adventure wasn’t over. I wanted to reclaim my life. But, not exactly in terms of driving the Mahindra Thar in the lush green jungle

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