Jaguar makes its foray into electric cars in India with its I-PACE

Jaguar a car manufacturing company that has got significant attention in the Indian market after the acquisition by Tata Motors. Few cars launched by Jaguar Land Rover India get significant attention on the road such as the XJL, or the F-pace. Similarly today Jaguar has again launched a head-turner named Jaguar I-Pace.

The I-Pace is the first complete electric car to be launched in India by Jaguar. The company has received an overwhelming response from the foreign market on the I-pace. The car was first unveiled at Geneva Motor Show 2018. The Jaguar I-Pace has won over 80 global awards, including the prestigious World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year, and World Green Car in 2019, making it a true electric vehicle icon within a short span of time. Let’s find out what’s interesting about this electric SUV.

A quick overview:-

  • The Jaguar I-PACE offers an unrivaled balance of all-wheel drive performance, refinement, luxury, and agility. The vehicle is powered by a 90 kWh lithium-ion battery delivering 294 kW power and 696 Nm torque, allowing the I-PACE to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 s 
  • The Jaguar I-PACE presents customers with leading in-car technologies and is the first Jaguar in India to receive the new Pivi Pro infotainment system
  • The I-PACE has been designed to include state-of-the-art digital technologies that assist the driver while providing maximum safety. 3D Surround Camera provides a 360-degree digital plan view of the surrounding area whereas the ClearSight Rear View Mirror improves vision and convenience
  • The I-PACE is equipped with Software over the Air (SOTA) functionality. This ensures that systems such as infotainment, battery management, and charging can be updated remotely
  • The Jaguar Land Rover Retailer network across 19 cities in India is EV ready
  • Jaguar I-PACE is priced from ₹ 105.9 Lakh (ex-showroom India), inclusive of 5 years service package, 5 years road-side assistance package, 7.4 kW AC wall-mounted charger, and 8 years or 160 000 km battery warranty
  • Range on a full charge for the I-pace is 470kms.


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23rd March 2021, Mumbai: Jaguar Land Rover India, today announced the launch of the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE in India with a starting price of ₹ 105.9 Lakh (ex-showroom India). The Jaguar I-PACE is powered by a 90 kWh battery that delivers 294 kW power and 696 Nm torque, allowing the I-PACE to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 s. 


The I-Pace’s linear acceleration is instantaneous with no lag and no gear shift interruptions. Its 294 kW (395 BHP) of peak power takes you from 0-100 km/h in only 4.8 s. The 90 kWh battery is positioned within the floor, between the axles, giving a low center of gravity and near-perfect weight distribution. The I-PACE is underpinned by an advanced electric vehicle architecture created specifically for this car that delivers excellent driving dynamics while minimizing weight. The double-wishbone suspension at the front and integral link suspension at the rear has been tuned to give the I-PACE the perfect balance of dynamic handling and refinement.


I-PACE features the latest & more driver-focused technology and is the first Jaguar in India to offer Pivi Pro Infotainment System. The 31.24 cm (12.3) HD instrument cluster features completely revised graphics to give an even clearer indication of the battery state of charge. The I-PACE is available with a wireless device charging pad beneath the ‘floating’ center console. Wireless charging also includes signal boosting, ensuring the phone’s signal remains strong for longer. A Smartphone Pack with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ is available, as is Bluetooth technology which can pair two phones simultaneously ensuring you’ll always be connected. 


Inside the cabin, the ClearSight Rear View Mirror improves vision and convenience by ensuring the driver always has an unobstructed view of the road behind even with three people in the rear seat. It uses a wide-angle, rear-facing camera linked to a high-resolution screen within the frameless glass mirror. A small toggle switch on the mirror allows the driver to switch seamlessly between the view from the standard mirror and the camera feed. The I-Pace is equipped with Software over the Air (SOTA) functionality. This means Systems including infotainment, battery management, and charging can be updated remotely. Using the vehicle’s built-in data connection, the latest software can be downloaded automatically. All occupants benefit from the enhanced climate control system, which delivers smart, energy-efficient heating or cooling of up to four zones independently. When charging, customers can use the I-PACE’s pre-conditioning system (which optimizes battery temperature) to also purge the cabin of allergens and ultrafine particles before beginning a journey.


Jaguar has ensured that every step of the customer journey delivers peace of mind and makes owning an electric car as easy as possible. 22 retail outlets across 19 cities are now EV ready with over 35 EV chargers installed and more underway. These chargers are a combination of 7.4 kW AC chargers and 25 kW DC (fast) chargers. Retailer staff has been extensively trained with in-depth and dedicated courses on EVs, thus enabling them to cater to all requirements and queries of customers. Further, to charge the Jaguar I-PACE, customers may either use a Home Charging Cable that is provided as standard with the vehicle or use a 7.4 kW AC wall-mounted charger that is also provided as standard. The installation of this charger at the customer’s house will be done by Tata Power Ltd and will be coordinated via Jaguar Retailers. Customers may also access Tata Power’s fast-expanding EZ Charge network of around 200 I-PACE compatible charging points on use and pay basis. To ensure complete peace of mind, Jaguar I-PACE is provided with complimentary 5 years service package, 5 years roadside assistance package, 8 years or 160 000 km battery warranty, and a 7.4 kW AC wall-mounted charger. More details on this are available with Jaguar Retailers and customers are requested to contact them for further information.


We wish Jaguar India all the best for their new I-Pace launch.

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