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Formula 1 Announces New Las Vegas Grand Prix for 2023 Season

F1 heads to a new track for the 2023 season, in form of a Night Race under the swanky neons of Las Vegas!

Formula 1 confirmed this morning that there will a third Grand Prix to be held in the States, joining the likes of Miami and Austin as the famous Las Vegas Strip would become host to one of last races of the next season.

las vegas gp_track
What the Las Vegas Grand Prix might look like

The race will be held in November on a Saturday night (a departure from the usual of Sundays) and will start at 10pm local, which Formula 1 considers a “perfect time”. To us, that would be 10:30 in the morning on the next Sunday. Mark your calendars, at least the month for now.

The track will traverse through the Las Vegas Strip, whizzing past all the hotels and casinos the place is famous for (or infamous, whichever way you take it). Being a 50 lap street race, the circuit will span 6.12km around the area, even capable of being as fast as 212mph or 342kmph on certain straights!

Las Vegas strip
The Las Vegas Strip; imagine F1 cars through here!

For an F1 fan of any magnitude in the world, a Night Grand Prix is an absolute spectacle to behold. Watching sparks fly all around is always a treat, then add to that some on-track action under the lights of Vegas, its atmosphere, its energy, and you have a race to be remembered. I may come as a Formula 1 marketing fraterniser, trust me I am not. This race really does seem to have great potential! At least from the visual standpoint, the racing perspective remains to be seen.  

Track Layout:

Las Vegas GP track layout
Proposed Track Layout for the race

The reason such scepticism is the track itself: whether it will provide for enjoyable racing as much is something to have a second thought for; it seems to be having just about 1-2 potential braking and overtaking zones at most. But on the bright side, with three long straights plus 2 DRS zones along with the new cars being able to follow each other a lot closer than before, the plenty presence of long, sweeping turns could be up for good use.

This won’t be the first time F1 is going to Las Vegas: The Caesars Palace GP was held four times between 1981 and 1984 at the Caesars Palace hotel car park (yes, you read that right). Let’s hope the track to be a lot better than that in 2023.

Although this race is a long way down the road, the 2022 season is currently underway with the Australian GP happening next weekend. You can catch up on last weekend’s action here.

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