Jaguar Performance Tour 2019: Bengaluru

The Art of Performance Tour is a series of dynamic experience events across India that provide an opportunity to witness what it’s like to get behind the wheel of a Jaguar under the guidance of expert drive instructors. At the event, you will experience Jaguar’s exhilarating performance and its seductive luxury, a rare combination that truly excites the senses. The event entails a series of specially designed track activities on an open tarmac under the guidance of trained and certified Jaguar instructors.

The entire range of Jaguar vehicles, the XE, XF, XJ, F-PACE and F-TYPE is available for guests to experience. Further details on The Art of Performance Tour are available on the Jaguar India website

Speed run

The ‘Speed Run’ and what would be better than nailing the throttle of the F-Type on the mini drag-strip. Despite the dusty concrete, the wide rubber dug in, catapulting us to 100kmph in absolutely no time. You could feel the horsepower and the torque making the car squirm, looking for more grip all the time.







After getting well-versed with their nimbleness and the horsepower, it was time to put their agility to test and so we headed to the final section, the ‘Slalom challenge’. We had to zip between cones as fast as we could, come to a halt, take a U-turn and do it’s the other way round on the way back.


Again, the XE and XF with their small dimensions went through like rockets but here the Jaguar F-Pace impressed us with its composure. The massive SUV has all the DNA of the toothed-cat perfe