Kia Carens

Kia Carens! Yes, we have it, yet another new product from Kia Motors India, and this time, it’s a seven-seater. You can call it a MUV, Kia loves to call it half MUV and Part SUV.

Kia Carens, well now that we have it, we have seen it. let me tell you something, it looks fantastic from the outside and apart from the looks, there are certain things which will make you choose it over its competitors. It looks different, it feels different, and possibly has the best safety features. Before we get into more detail, what is in the name? Kia Cares? Yes! It is made for India, keeping in mind what Indian Consumers need & like every time, Kia has made this product for India.
but it typically means, Car + Renaissance (Re-Birth of the car) Kia Cares! #TheNextFromKia.

1. Exterior Design

The Kia Carens look sharp and it looks very brave on the outside. Get into small details and you will notice that the tiger-nose grille is gone, there is a glossy black finish closed nose in the front which kind of looks like an electric vehicle, and Kia has tried giving it a futuristic look. It leaves an everlasting impression on onlookers and Its dynamic and bold stance will give it an SUV-like road presence. details. The DRL in the headlamps is designed based on Kia’s new signature lighting concept – ‘The Star Map’. The horizontal chrome garnish in the upper grille and the frame-type chrome garnish in the lower bumper creates an impressive tiger face.

Kia Carens Exterior
It has got that confidence and the side profile, well it has the longest wheelbase in its segment and it looks bold. The Carens is sporty yet sophisticated. The wheels, are 16 inchers which would look small on a car of this size and there could have been a better option but nevertheless, it looks smart and it has enough ground clearance to take through a bad patch of road. That’s said, the design is futuristic and something that Indian consumers will look for.

Kia Carens Side Profile Kia Carens Exterior

2. Interior

Carens has a level up in the exteriors and so it is the case with the interiors. Get inside and you see the colors are soothing, there is plenty of storage space, air filter, the dashboard has a wide high-gloss black panel that accentuates the overall design. Inspired by airplane seats, all three-seat rows in the Carens combine comfort with aesthetics. They look Elegant. The center switches are uniquely designed so that they highlight the smart experience the Carens offers. There is an integrated cup holder and space to put gadgets even in the second row. The interiors, are practical and provide convenient features. Kia has taken care of the small things that will provide comfort to all the passengers. It is aesthetically pleasing. They are Inspirational!

Interiors of the Kia Carens

3. Features

Aspirational Exteriors? ✅
Inspirational Interiors? ✅
From the time when Kia was into business, they have given feature-loaded vehicles. Let it be the Seltos / Sonet / Carnival. The same continues with the Carens.
The Kia Carens is loaded with multiple class-leading features, which gives it an edge over existing family movers in India. This includes:
1. 26.03 Cm (10.25”) HD Touchscreen Navigation with Next Generation Kia Connect
2. BOSE Premium Sound System with 8 speakers
3. Cabin Surround 64 color Ambient Mood Lighting
4. Smart Pure Air Purifier with Virus and Bacteria Protection
5. Ventilated Front Seats
6. Multi Drive Modes (Sport/Eco/Normal) linked with Ambient Mood Lighting
7. 2nd Row Seat “One Touch Easy Electric Tumble”
8. SkyLight Sunroof
9. Large Cabin Space led by Longest Wheelbase in the class

Longest Wheel Base in the Segment


Interiors of the Kia Carens

You get a wireless charger along with cooling feature, rear door spot lamp along with Kia projection logo, rear door sunshade curtains, paddle shifters, 5 USB C type charging interfaces and the list goes on!

Kia has really put in well which will not disappoint the Indian buyers and it is a powerful package. Kia has taken care of the safety features that come with this package as well.
The Carens come with first in segment 6 airbags as standard on all variants. It has ESC, VSM, HAC, DBC, ABS, BAS, and All-Wheel Disc Brakes Standard across all trims. While the ESC protects the car from the loss of traction, HAC and DBC let drivers confidently drive on uphill and downhill roads. Additionally, the VSM ensures occupant safety by offering stability to the car when the driver performs sudden braking and turns. Continuing this focus on safety, the company has also offered Front-Parking Sensors, Highline TPMS, and Rain-Sensing Wipers with the car, which gives utmost confidence to the driver at all times and allows them to fully focus on road conditions ahead. You get driving modes and there is optimum space management.

You also get Kia Connect which gets advanced safety and convenience features and supports 10 native languages. Three new colors have been introduced on the Kia Carens – the mysterious Imperial Blue inspired by Azurite minerals, a low saturation Moss Brown for a unique look, and Sparkling Silver with metal particles that give the paint a sense of vitality. It is truly made for family, for India.

4. Engine Options

The Kia Carens excite its customers with choice, offering both petrol and diesel powertrains combined with multiple transmission options, including the 7DCT and 6AT. It will share its engine with the Seltos and will be offered with CVT, AT & DCT.
It gets:
⛽️1.5 NA Petrol
⛽️1.5 Diesel
⛽️1.4 Turbo Petrol

Kia Carens

Calling it a part MUV and SUV, Kia has positioned it well and it is here to compete against its competitors like the MG Hector, Hyundai Alcazar, and even XUV 700 / Safari for that matter.
Looks ✅
Space ✅
Practicality ✅
Safety ✅
Comfort ✅
Carens is surely a customer-centric car and is here to deliver Indian Consumers what they always look for. Overall, it can be a great package that is made for India. Aspirational Exteriors & Inspirational Interiors, this is what Kia likes to call it! What do you think of the Carens? Can it become a game-changer? Is it the next big thing from Kia? Let us know in the comments below & to read our previous articles, click here!





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