Scorpio Classic

Mahindra Scorpio Classic unveiled; gets cosmetic and mechanical updates

Mahindra has unveiled the new Mahindra Scorpio Classic; the old Scorpio with a fair bit of updates up its sleeve. Apart from the rebadging, this iteration gets a few cosmetic as well as changes to the engine, suspension and gearbox.

During the launch of the Scorpio-N, the automaker had mentioned the outgoing model to also be sold alongside the new one, albeit under the “Scorpio Classic” moniker.

Design of the Scorpio Classic:                                                           

Design of the Scorpio mostly remains unchanged from the previous generation. The front gets a new grille, in addition to the new ‘twin-peaks’ logo for Mahindra SUV’s. The car also gets a pair of DRLs up front along with a new skid plate and new projector headlamp setup.

From the side, it is again a familiar image, recognisable as the good old Scorpio from every angle. There is a new 17-inch alloy wheel design on offer with black and grey body cladding as well at the side.

The story doesn’t evolve all that much at the rear. Apart from the Scorpio Classic badging and the new logo, the rear tail-lamps are now back as the tall lights from previous generations of Scorpio.

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Although not significant, there have been quite some quality of life improvements all around the cabin on the inside. Up front, the Scorpio Classic gets a leatherette steering wheel with a wooden treatment on the dashboard. The seats get the quilted treatment, with a black and beige contrasting theme all around.

The infotainment system gets a 9-inch screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (wired). Driver’s display remains to be the generations old setup with a rather small display up in the centre flanked by two dials.

The Scorpio Classic will be available three different seating configurations of 7 and 9 seater versions.

Powertrain of the Scorpio Classic:

The powertrain of the Scorpio Classic is where the biggest of changed occur. For starters, the engine is now based on the Gen-2 mHawk engine from the Thar and XUV700. The block is 55kgs lighter than the outgoing model, with improved engine friction reduction resulting in a 14% increment in fuel efficiency. While the figures are now reduced to 120bhp and 300Nm, Mahindra claims the Scorpio Classic’s performance is more that of the outgoing car. The carmaker also claims the Scorpio Classic to have 77% of max torque at RPMs as low as 1000.

Another field of change is the gearbox. The 6-speed manual transmission gets ‘Shift-by-wire’ tech, where Mahindra claims to provide better shift quality. Vibration and sound levels from the gearbox are also minimised for a better driving experience.

The other major under-the-hood change in the Scorpio Classic is its suspension system. Apart from the usual setup of coil springs and dampers, the Scorpio now gets what they call “MTV-CL” (Multi Tuning Valve-Concentric Land). It is essentially a multi-valve setup which lets the car choose its damping magnitude over both high-frequency-low-amplitude vibrations as well as low-frequency-high-amplitude vibrations. Mahindra claims to have achieved improved body roll and improved high and low speed ride quality with this new suspension.

Do bear in mind, the Scorpio Classic will not be sold in any 4×4 variants  this time around.

Launch and Price:

The Scorpio Classic will launch on 20th August. Expect prices to be in the neighbourhood of INR 11L ex-showroom.

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