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There was a time when affordability was a question and not everyone was willing to have a vehicle but, the times have changed now and a major question that comes today while buying a vehicle today is Safety.
It is quality over quantity and as we go ahead with time, safety has to become a priority. Keeping the Indian automobile segment, the roads, the way people live and drive, Mobility Outlook, a brand of CarTrade Tech, has released a new
survey titled “Indian Consumers & Safety Behavior and Perception of Vehicle Security”.                                                                                       The survey explores Indian customers and their automobile purchase habits as well as their attitudes towards safety, security, and associated technology.
Mobility outlook is the first and only brand that is working towards this approach
and nearly 270,000 responses from all across the country were gathered and
analyzed. The survey was conducted both in metro and non-metro cities and for two-wheeler and four-wheeler owners.
Frost & Sullivan, Mobility Outlook’s validation partner, subsequently conducted a
comprehensive analysis and they found that 27% percent of the respondents
were unaware of the safety grounds and what it means. When
asked what a higher safety rating means to them, most of the respondents said
it means more features on vehicles and better occupant protection.
45% of respondents felt new vehicles would be safer than used vehicles,
regardless of safety ratings, highlighting the need for better communication.
After the responses were recorded they also found that a majority of people
believe in the safety ratings that are given by NCAP / companies and they would
prefer a vehicle that has more safety ratings for their future purchase and not
only this but they were ready to increase their budget for a car that is safe.
Safety features should be standard, driving inside city limits does not demand
safety features, and there is no value in paying extra for safety features, were
among the reasons given by those who were hesitant to increase their budget
for safety features.
Many people have a clear understanding of the security features that the vehicle
offer and after the research, Mobility Outlook also found that there were people
who were ready to spend more money on the additional security features that
were provided in the accessories kit.
Nearly one-third of respondents mentioned they would be willing to spend more
than INR 30,000 on upgraded security features. According to 30% of
respondents, security features should be standard in all automobiles. One of the
survey & major takeaways was that respondents ranked Tata Motors, Maruti
Suzuki, and Honda Cars as the vehicles with the most security features.
The automotive industry and its stakeholders need to understand how
customers perceive such advancements with this survey, Mobility Outlooks were
able to identify the demographics and places that require the greatest attention
in terms of safety and security. Compared to the past, the times have changed
and so many cars get safety features like airbags, parking sensors, ABS,
rollover mitigation, etc as standard and by conducting this survey it would be
beneficial for both the customers and the companies. For the customers,
because there are a lot of people who are unaware of safety, they will get an
idea of what it really means. This survey has a positive impact on the awareness
program and should be conducted more often.
What do you think of this survey and would you be a part of something like this?
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