AMG E53 4Matic+ cabriolet

Mercedes-AMG E53 Cabriolet launched in India; starting INR 1.3Cr

Mercedes Benz launched their newest convertible in India, the AMG E53 Cabriolet for INR 1.3Cr plus options.

For the German automaker’s first of many launches this year, Mercedes brought along their first drop-top AMG offering in the country. Here’s what you need to know about Stuttgart’s two-door sprinter.


Performance of the AMG E53 cabriolet:

The new cabriolet is powered by a 3.0L straight-6 twin scroll turbo powerplant that churns out 435hp and 520Nm of torque, same as the four-door sedan. The fire-breather even gets hybridised to a 48V electric system that incorporates a motor between the engine and transmission, a 9-speed TCT gearbox at that. The mild hybrid gubbins improve fuel efficiency in addition to providing a momentary performance boost of 22hp and a colossal 250Nm with what the carmaker calls ‘EQ Boost’, so petrolheads won’t be missing out on much with the electrification.

Turbo 4MATIC+ badging

The E53 Cabriolet claims to have a swift 4.5s 0-100 dash, and a limited top speed of 250kmph. The 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive system puts optimum torque distribution on all fours, with even a 100% rear torque bias capability. There are multiple driving modes on offer, selectable from the AMG-typical steering wheel knob.

Exterior Design of the AMG E53 cabriolet:


The new E53 cabriolet comes with the signature AMG slatted front grille with distinctive aero styling all around. Aggressive fins line the front air intakes that are indeed functional, improving airflow around the side of the car. There is also a front splitter aiding in aerodynamics.

Moving along the side, apart from the shortened presence when compared to the standard E-Class limousine, you of course notice the fabric roof that folds down in under 20s. Blacked out alloy wheels come with 19in wheels as standard though 20’s can also be optioned. Being a cabriolet, it gets frameless doors but only two at that, with small retractable windows for the rear seats. The front gets 4-piston callipers for the brakes while the rear needs to make do with single-pistons only.

E53 rear

The S63 Coupe-inspired LED tail lamps at the rear sit atop the AMG and E53 badges. The Mercedes logo at the very centre also doubles as a foldable rear view camera. Lower down, a strip of silver trim is flanked by twin exhausts with quad exhaust tips.



The AMG Cabriolet gets the traditional Mercedes interior treatment: opulent luxury in conjunction with modern technology. With a two-door-four-seat configuration, rear seats are also at your disposal albeit to not much comfort. At the driver’s helm is an AMG penta-spoke steering wheel with touch button controls and twin knobs for TC and drive mode selection. Out ahead you get an expansive single pane glass slab for the driver’s display and infotainment systems. The performance drop-top also gets a 13-speaker Burmester sound system and vehicle noise cancellation. The front windshield also has a unique wind deflector that extends over the roofline to make sure your hair remains as pristine as your ride.


The infotainment system gets a performance-oriented attribute called the AMG Track Pace, which is essentially a personal virtual race engineer for the driver providing extensive insights on lap time improvements for track days.

The interior trim can be configured to carbon fibre, aluminium and ashwood trims with swathes of leather wherever you look. Mercedes has equipped their newest sports cabriolet with bucket seats and contrasting seat belts in addition to metal drive pedals lower down.

On the safety front, you get 7 airbags, 360-degree vision among the usual plethora of Mercedes’ autonomous systems like emergency braking and lane keep assist.

E53 rear

The Mercedes-AMG E53 4MATIC+ Cabriolet has been launched in the country for INR 1.30Cr (ex-showroom) excluding customisations. It will be brought in as a CBU from Germany, as is the case for most AMG’s sold in the country.

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