Ever since the launch of Hector, MG Motors are doing a pretty good job and even their customer base over the period of time has expanded quite a lot. In 2021, when MG introduced their first electric vehicle, ZS EV in competition with the Hyundai Kona, it was a deal-breaker and now MG is back with another promise for the Indian customers.


MG wants to call it the ‘Volume EV Car’ and it is will be a deal-breaker for MG and customers if their plan is successful. Indian buyers will surely shift towards electric in a few years and most of the consumers would prefer an electric car that ranges from around 10L – 15L. This is where MG wants to play with! Yes, you heard it right.

MG will drive in an electric car by the end of next fiscal year which will be priced between 10L-15L and they promise to bring this as an electric crossover based on a global platform for the Indian Buyers.

MG ZS EV (International Market)

MG Motor India President and Managing Director Rajeev Chaba Say, Our next product after SUV Astor, we have been thinking about an EV and now we have been very encouraged with the absolute clarity from the government side that EV is the way to go and furthermore adding to this, it aims to target mass segment of personal electric mobility.

It will clearly aim to customize the next electric car according to the Indian regulations and what exactly do the consumers want. MG also claims that this upcoming EV will be specially tailored for India keeping in mind all the aspects and it also plans to localize a lot of parts for its EV like the battery assembly and motors.

Interior of ZS EV
Morris Garages are clear about one thing. They clearly aim to make electric cars that are affordable by the consumers at the same time does not compromise on the package it offers. There is a majority of the crowd who prefer buying vehicles that range between 10L-15L and If they manage to introduce an electric car between this price range, it will give them good volumes for sure.

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