Red Bull teases the RB17: a £5 Million hypercar for track

Red Bull Advanced Technologies, the team behind the 2021 Formula 1 championship winning RB16B, announced their first series production hypercar, called the RB17.

The first ever car to bear a “Red Bull” badge, the RB17 will be designed by legendary aerodymacist Adrian Newey. Newey incidentally has designed twelve championship winning cars in Formula 1 over the years, so he sure does know a thing or two about building cars.

The RB17 is stated to be a two-seater track weapon developed and manufactured completely in-house by Red Bull at their HQ at Milton Keynes, UK. Just 50 RB17’s will be made, with production to start in 2025. Each example will start at an eye-watering £5 Million ($6.1Million) excluding taxes. But all those big bucks will get you access to Red Bull’s simulators, vehicle program development and on-track training and experiences, in addition to the car.

For a Newey creation, it sure is a steal, I’d say!

Sketch released of the RB17

The pulling grunt will be provided by a V8 engine in conjunction to a hybrid propulsion system, producing well over 1,100bhp. One can expect an Energy Recovery System (ERS) in the hybrid architecture to assist in lower-end pull. There is no “F1-engine” nonsense around here, just a pure ballad of aerodynamic excellence.

The car will be built around a carbon composite tub, in keeping with the design ethos of other F1-inspired cars like the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Additionally, the RB17 will feature the most advanced ground effect package to have ever existed in a series production car.

To the uninitiated, ground effect aerodynamics is where the car produces a majority of downforce using its underbody floor rather than over-body cuts, creases and wings. The new 2022 generation of Formula 1 cars also make use of this concept for their downforce.


Only a design sketch of the car has been released as of now with other technical details to be released in due course, RBAT has said. If you have a few millions stashed around somewhere, you might enquire for the RB17 here.

The 2022 RB18 Formula 1 car

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