The BMW iX! Sheer Driving Pleasure with Sustainability?

JOY. Sheer Driving Pleasure. Well, these are the words that BMW use for their cars and now it is born again! The BMW iX.


I know somewhere it is like gatecrashing the party where the Audi E-Tron & Mercedes EQC have already won hearts but as it is said, better late than never. We have the BMW iX and consider it to be the funkiest SUV to go on sale today.

This is not some ordinary BMW. This is the iX. Electric SUV combines the power of sustainability with the joy of driving and technology. It is born electric. ‘iX’ stands for the first BMW electric all-wheel-drive vehicle (SAV – Sports Activity Vehicle) which effortlessly combines premium mobility with zero emissions, sporting agility, and a long operating range with luxurious spaciousness.


The photographs, won’t do justice to how beautiful this car looks but there can be multiple judgments on how the car looks because of the large kidney grille and somewhere it reminds me of the Iron Man, maybe because of the color BMW has put in.

the iX represents a new face that makes mobility easier and comfortable while creating powerful presence and dynamics which is a rare combination seen in a vehicle with the narrowest BMW headlights that have been ever made, frameless windows, 3-D bonnet, rectangular wheel arches, flared shoulder area, and slim one-piece rear-lights.

Look at it for the first eye from the consumer’s point of view and you will realize that you cannot open the bonnet. All you can open is the BMW logo in the front which pops up to fill the fluid washer. The grill is self-healing and requires sunlight to remove the minor scratches. Now that is something which would make you more shifted towards buying this product because India and scratches, dents, they go hand in hand.

There you go inside the cabin and you will feel like a concept car but not the case here. It is what exactly you get on the road. Minimalist design, funky dash with a curved 14.9-inch touch screen which is very impressive and the steering, which is race car-inspired makes entry/exit easier, electrochromic BMW Sky Lounge Panorama Glass Roof, multi-functional seats with integral head restraints and massage function, bespoke leather upholstery, Ambient Lighting for every mood and luggage capacity of up to 1,750 liters with 40/20/40 split. There is plenty of space inside in this long wheelbase.

Interior of BMW iX Centre Console in the iX

Feature List
Wooden and crystal  finished center console which is again used out of recycled materials and you feel the luxury within. There is a virtual assistant, heads up display, BMW Natural Interaction that recognizes six pre-defined hand movements for control of a number of functions, Android Auto and Apple car play along with Wireless charging, 18 speakers Harmon Kardon sound system, Parking Assistant Plus with Surround View Camera which makes parking in tight spots easier, a Reversing Assistant that provides unmatched support in reversing out of a parking spot or narrow driveways and, It records the last 50 meters driven and assists by taking over the steering.


326 HP, powered by two electric motors (for front and rear axles), iX instantly accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers/hour in 6.1 seconds and the intelligent all-wheel drive is quick to respond and distributes the right amount of torque between the front and rear wheels to suit the driving situation and road surface. ‘My Modes’ switch changes driving character to Personal, Sport, or Efficient. BMW IconicSounds Electric creates engaging driving sounds and pedestrian alerts. The battery power provided is 76.6 KWh which has a power range of 425 km and with the BMW charger, it is hassle-free charging and the charging time is –

1. 150 kW DC Charger – 80% in 31 min / 95 kms added range in 10 min

2. 50 kW DC Charger – 80% in 73 min / 100 kms added range in 21 min

3. 11 kW AC Charger – 100% in about 7 hrs / 100 kms added range in 2.5 hrs

As an introductory offer, the BMW iX will come with a complimentary smart BMW Wallbox charger. It can be integrated at home to enable safe and convenient charging up to 11kW.

Charging point for the BMW iX

Talk about sustainability and it was in BMW’s DNA ever since the joy of driving began. BMW principle of Circular Economy – ‘RE: THINK, RE: DUCE, RE: USE, RE: CYCLE’ cuts down the use of primary raw materials and increases secondary materials. Reduction of carbon footprint is achieved throughout the value chain and all stages of lifecycle by making comprehensive use of natural and recyclable materials and production with 100% green electricity. The wood used is sustainable and there is recycled plastic.

Get into details and what BMW loves to introduce is the ‘Shy Tech’. It is a technology that remains out of sight with exterior and interior features that only become visible when actually in use – Intelligent BMW kidney grille with sensors, camera, and radar tech, proximity sensors in body edging, flush door openers, washer under the front logo, camera with washer in rear logo, integrated speakers, BMW Head-Up Display’s projector recessed into the instrument panel among others.

With an introductory price of INR 1,15,90,000, BMW iX comes with a standard two-year warranty for unlimited kilometers. The batteries are covered by a warranty valid for eight years or up to 160,000 kilometers. Repair Inclusive can extend warranty benefits from the third year of operation to the maximum fifth year without any mileage limitation.


Sustainability combined with the Joy of driving. What more do you want when you can have both, a combination of driving and saving the environment. Overall, the iX is a great deal with the idea of Rethink, Reduce and Reuse. It is quite an impressive car and being the first electric BMW coming on sale in India, it is here to compete with the E-tron, EQC, and iPace. It is so much more than a car – it’s a modern way of life. It is Joy, born again!”

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