Shell collaborates with MARVEL Heroes Unite on their new launch

Shell, the household name among lubricants and engine fluids, has introduced a new addition to its passenger car motor oils portfolio in India. The Shell Helix SP HX8 0W-20, a fully synthetic, BS VI compliant engine oil designed for modern turbocharged engines is here, and what makes it even cooler is they have roped Marvel Heroes Unite in on the campaign!

The new product is formulated with Flexi-Molecule Technology that adapts to engine conditions, ensuring more protection for the engine. The HX8 SP 0W-20 is specially designed for modern turbocharged petrol direct injection (TGDI) engines, providing protection against damaging low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI).

But, why should you treat your car to a good engine oil?

It’s as simple as asking yourself the following: do you want your engine to last? It might sound obvious but quite the chunk of people disregard the engine oil’s purpose in their daily commute! Engine oils provide for better engine lubrication which, you guessed it, increases the longevity of your car’s heart. What if you had the Avengers protecting you day-in-day-out, you wouldn’t hate that, would you? You’ll know soon why I’m talking about this.

Engine oils also improve fuel efficiency while lowering vehicle emissions, which is surely not something one would pass on. Among the three types of engine oils (mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic), we’re here dealing with the latter, as they’re the most efficient, performant and offer the most protection. Icing on the cake? Our friends here at Shell are the absolute pioneers in that field!

Enter, Shell’s new Helix SP HX8 0W20 (don’t get intimidated by the name, they’re just standards), a fully synthetic oil that delivers excellent protection and fuel efficiency. Synthetic oils go through extensive treatment in the laboratory making them significantly superior to other 2 types of oils we mentioned. This engine oil offers the best lubrication and even helps to prevent the formation of harmful deposits that can lead to performance loss.

What’s even better is this new offering from Shell adheres to SP, the latest API (American Petroleum Institute) engine oil standard for passenger car motor oils. So, you can be sure that from your next oil change, your car will most definitely be smiling a lot more! Just make sure to not top up your old engine oil, and you’ll be in the wind.

What’s up with Shell X Marvel here, then?         

Well, rejoice if you’re a comic book nerd! Shell India has partnered with Marvel Heroes Unite and the lovely folks out there have come up with an eye-watering deal! To celebrate the launch of this new product, Shell is offering exclusive Marvel prizes on the purchase of every 3L and 3.5L Shell Helix HX8 0W-20 pack across any of your nearest Shell-branded workshops or retail outlets. The product is available pan-India for INR 2,730 for the 3.5L guise.

Just like how the Avengers look after the universe (although not for about 5 years, but we’ll let that slide; if you know, you know), Shell’s engine oils make sure to keep your engine spick and span, and be that guardian angel like the Marvel superheroes are for the Multiverse!

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