Tata AVINYA Concept; Tata’s latest EV Concept

Tata Motors has showcased their latest concept, christened the AVINYA. This Concept is based on Tata’s Gen 3 Pure EV platform and claims to have very high levels of water and dust protection as well as a high amount of Structural safety.

Derived from Sanskrit, the name “AVINYA” stands for Innovation and previews some of the future technologies that Tata is planning to introduce in its future products. One such technology is an ultra-fast charging tech that will be able to add a minimum of 500km range within 30 minutes of charging. Another standout feature is what Tata calls the “Skydome” and an ‘aroma diffuser’. Tata also claims to have used sustainable materials.



Starting off from its face, the AVINYA features width-long LED DRL strips that merge to form a T logo in the middle. Slim LED headlights flank these. We can also see a very large and dominating grille underneath which has a very stylish texture. Another interesting touch is the aggressive character lines on the bonnet that give it a very aggressive stance.

Moving towards the side profile reveals an elongated profile with a low roofline which lends the AVINYA a very sporty silhouette. The mirrors have also been replaced by sleek and thin cameras. A sharp cut is present on the base of the rear door which adds to the sportiness. Notably, the AVINYA also sports “butterfly doors”.

Going towards the rear end, we can see that the roofline intersects the rear windshield at a very sharp angle. The taillight styling is also similar to the front LED DRLs and forms a T logo in the middle. Beneath the taillight strip is a portion of Piano Black section which adds to the classiness of the entire design. The rear bumper features two air dams mounted side-by-side below the hatch opening.


As we open the doors, we can see the interiors which have a very simplistic, yet futuristic design with the use of soft colours and also what Tata claims are sustainable materials. The car also features a console-inspired steering wheel as well as voice activated systems for passengers to control various systems.

Also visible is the “Skydome” which let a lot of light enter the cabin, hence making the atmosphere feel airier and calmer. Notably, Tata has also decided to reduce as much screens in the interior as much as possible so as to lessen the distractions for the driver.

The Tata AVINYA will be introduced till 2025

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