The MG Pavilion at Auto Expo 2023: Here’s everything they showcased

British manufacturer MG Motors came in all guns blazing into the 2023 Auto Expo; cars exhibited far and wide with a plethora of propulsion systems ranging from ICE to fuel cells. In spite of the fact that most of these are not headed for the Indian market anytime soon, every single vehicle on display by the brand is a production vehicle of some guise. That said, MG has put the eHS hybrid and MG4 EV on the cards for an India launch in the near future, in addition to the price reveal of the new facelifted Hector, unveiled just a week before.

Let’s dive deep into all of what MG brought into our shores.

MG Motors’ Pavilion at the 2023 Auto Expo:    

The Next-Gen Hector:


MG India’s driving locomotive into India, the Hector received a comprehensive facelift early this year, with exterior and interior overhauls. The Hector now comes with level-2 ADAS, tricked out with toys like traffic jam assist and automatic turn indicators. It gets a new front grille and tail lamps, in addition to a new 14-in portrait-oriented infotainment screen on the inside.

Mechanically, MG’s head turner remains the same, pulled by the 1.5L petrol and 2.0L diesel powerplants mated to 6-speed manual and CVT transmission options. That said, the diesel still misses out on the sweet taste of an automatic gearbox.


Interior of the new MG Hector

The Hector now starts at INR 14.72lakhs for the 5-seater Style variant and goes up to INR 22.42Lakhs (ex-showroom) for the top of the line Savvy Pro guise of Hector Plus, the latter now having minimal design differentiation from its 5-seater stablemate.



The British-Chinese automaker’s latest electric crossover that has been making waves all over Europe, the MG4 could be launched in the country as early as 2024. For what’s to be MG’s first electric vehicle in India, this crossover boasts of a 450km range with a sharp, polarising design that is sure to turn many-a-heads. The 64kWh battery drives a 204hp motor on the rear axle, and the bespoke electric platform ensures a 0 – 80% charge time in as little as 35 minutes with a 150kW DC charger.


The MG4 has also been awarded a 5-star EuroNCAP rating and comes kitted with contemporary yet necessary features like 360-degree cameras, ventilated front seats and level-2 ADAS comprising of 10+ driver assistance features.



The other of MG’s India launches in the pipeline, the eHS plug-in hybrid SUV is slated for a 2023 launch. Powered by a 1.5L turbo petrol fire breather in conjunction to an electric motor, the eHS churns out a total of 257hp and 480Nm. The motor pulls its juice from a 16.6kW battery, which in itself can drive the SUV for 52kms. A 10 speed transmission gets paired to the electric drive for a sublime driving experience.

On the inside, tech tid-bits include a 10.1in infotainment screen (that’s no Hector levels of grandeur, surely) and the all-favourite panoramic sunroof, in addition to ADAS as well as a 5 Star EuroNCAP certification. The eHS is already sold in the Europe and when its ball gets rolling in our markets, expect this to be among MG’s more premium offerings in India.


eMG6 Sedan

A brave proposition in a vision-constrained customer base, the automaker stated their intention to evaluate the MG6 sedan in India for a potential launch. Displayed at the 2023 Auto Expo in its eMG6 PHEV guise, the hatchback sedan comes as a refresher in a portfolio majorly dominated by SUV’s of all shapes and sizes.


The eMG6 on display here at Greater Noida bears a race-spec exterior trim package. This gets the car a rather aggressive facade with aero bits that might seem cosmetic but serve otherwise. Throwing efficiency out the window, this eMG6 even has widened wheel arches for an extra outlandish touch. Out back, a cosmetic diffuser is accompanied with a carbon fibre rear wing (which we in fact did confirm by touch). Inside, bucket seats complement a black-neon green accentuated interior theme, even carried over to the brake callipers; four on four wheels, at that.

That obnoxious carbon fibre rear wing

Powered by a 1.5L turbocharged petrol engine coupled to an electric motor, the eMG6 plug-in hybrid powertrain produces a total of 300hp and 480Nm of torque, while its 11.1kWh battery is good for an electric-only range of 70kms. It gets MG’s usual suite of driver assistance features but with a focus on driving dynamics. That said, do not get your hopes up on this beast coming to our shores.

Euniq 7:

Euniq 7
Euniq 7

MG also played its fuel cell cards joining the party at Auto Expo 2023, with their Euniq 7 MUV being the bearer of this new technology. The 130kW hydrogen fuel cell powers a 114hp and 310Nm electric motor and emits water as its only effluent. Attached is a 6.4kg pressurised hydrogen gas tank that the automaker claims filling is a matter of minutes. This fuel cell powertrain gets the Euniq 7 a driving range of 605km, and seats 7 in a 2-2-3 configuration.

The sliding door people mover gets studded with usual creature comforts such as a 12.3in floating touchscreen display, 360-degree cameras along with some very basic driver assistance features like lane departure warning and auto emergency braking. The Euniq 7, sold internationally under the Maxus brand, is under consideration by the SAIC Group over its India launch.




The other MUV at MG’s stable for the Auto Expo 2023, the MIFA 9 this time is powered by an electric drivetrain with a rather minimalist and futuristic interior. An acronym for “Maximum, Intelligent, Friendly and Artistic”, this sliding door behemoth is powered by a 245hp-350Nm motor which sucks its juice from a 90kWh battery, good for up to 440kms. Arguably a direct competitor to the Kia Carnival, the MIFA 9 seats 6/7 people in captain seats/bench seats configurations. The 3rd row seats comfortably take the best in their class prize, as comfortably as our bottoms would like to iterate.

MIFA 9_interior

Once again not in line for an India launch, the MIFA 9 was an unexpected crowd puller with its single pane infotainment-MID screen and business class-style seats. Similar to the Euniq 7, this too is sold internationally under the Maxus brand and was exhibited at the Auto Expo for MG to gauge consumer interest.

The others at the MG pavilion:

MG Motors had one of the most exhaustive arrays of cars on display at the Auto Expo 2023 (literally, even). So sum them all up, here are the rest.

eRX5: This plug-in hybrid comes equipped with, well again, a 1.5L turbocharged engine making 240hp with 70kms of pure electric range. Akin to the new Hector launched in India, it also gets a 14.3in infotainment screen along with ADAS, and features a very distinctive design incorporating a sharp front grille, angular lights, split roof spoiler and flush door handles.


Marvel R: A pure electric vehicle, the Marvel R possesses an EV-typical design with distinctive light bars both front and rear. A 284hp tri-motor AWD setup gets paired to a 2-speed transmission with the 70kWh battery giving it a modest 402kms of range.

Marvel R

MG5: Seemingly by far the least engrossing of the bunch, as is the interest for station wagons in India, the electric MG5 estate was also showcased at the MG booth. This family hauler gets a humongous 525kms of range with technologies like V2L (vehicle to load) while delivering 150hp and ADAS.


That was our comprehensive summary of the MG Pavilion at the 2023 Auto Expo in India. Let us know what intrigued you in the comments, and don’t forget to check out our other Car News and Reviews page for the best content in the business! Also  make sure to check out our Youtube for more such interesting stuff!