Toyota Hilux about to get Winched in India

India has already seen the beast and everyone who loves SUV will be a fanboy of this huge road presence and offroad capabilities. Its build quality and reliable nature have won the hearts of Indian customers and over the period it has earned so much name in the market that even today it sells like hot cakes even when the prices are more than double when it made its debut earlier in 2009, Yes you guess it right we talking about the Toyota Fortuner!! But wait a second we already got the Legender edition this year. All the Isuzu V-cross fans hold tight as the new Toyota Hilux is about to make a debut in the Indian Automotive market.

Hilux a brand that is a combination of  ‘High’ and ‘Luxury’ and not to forget Hilux is based on a similar platform as the Fortuner and Innova, getting spare parts will be easy. Hilux, which will be launched here, would be the Eighth generation Hilux Code (AN120/AN130) for the foreign markets, it launched in 2020. Hilux as a brand is a legacy that was started back in 1968 with its First-generation called the N10. Yes, we have come a long way. We spoke about generations, here is one photo what Hilux actually is.

Hilux will be on top of the list of people who love 4×4 trails and who love doing cross country drives. More for the people who are Adventure driven. We can expect the same fit and finish as offered on the Fortuner. Hilux will be a direct competition to its Japanese sibling Isuzu V-cross. Hilux will also attract people who want to use their Pickup as a Comercial Vehicle. Just like the Isuzu D-max or the new Hi-Lander. We believe Hilux will be available by the end of 2021.

We just hope Toyota does not price it heavily as we saw the recent pricing of Isuzu V-cross increased. One more reason of price hike is the length of the vehicle as we know the sub4 meter market is booming as the overall length falls under 4 meter, thus the tax levied is much lower than that of cars who length is more than 4 meter.

We are egarly looking forward for this launch, how about you? Comment down your thoughts we would love to hear them. Indian market needs to see more of Pickups such as the Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, VW Amarok,Toyota Tacoma, etc.

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