Why small EVs might just be the best city cars

Cars are loved by everyone, everywhere be it young or old, rich or poor. Interestingly, however driving is also an activity hated by many- especially in the city. What with idiotic drivers, surging fuel prices, choc-a-block traffic and a general lack of parking spaces. There is no singular solution for all but there are definitely steps we can take to improve others’ and more importantly our lives on the road. Little can be done about the inexistent civility amongst fellow motorists. Nevertheless, today I want to talk about small EVs-and why they might be sexier than your gas guzzling SUVs (which are cool albeit punch as big a hole in your pocket as their size dictates). I am talking of compact machines like the Citroen AMI, Smart EQ, even our homegrown Reva and e2O or the upcoming MG Air EV.

  • Black gold🤑


Black gold, or oil as its referred to is not getting any cheaper. Just as you hate going to the pump and finding out how much it costs to fill up your tank, I do too. But if we had a small EV, we won’t care about it. As you would know, EVs run on electricity and with them you can just plug them in at night while you sleep just like your smartphone! It’s as simple as that. You would also be surprised to find out that a small EV sometimes costs less to run than a petrol scooter!

  • The Whooooosh!
Let’s face it- driving a car in our country is a fastest finger first game. You see an opening and you have to grab it otherwise someone else will. That’s just how things work unfortunately. The annoying AMTs can be a sore point in these scenarios where all the car gains is noise and not speed. Well, fret not, as we know EVs have explosive acceleration and an absence of a gearbox means no lag! Go ahead and close the gap instantly then. Pro Tip: This works great when you want to shut up your annoying chachaji on the rear seat too!
  • That’s what she said

“Will it fit?”. A question asked by many in a lot of situations. Thankfully, with these small EVs, that thought won’t come into your mind. The compact dimensions along with the latest tech such as 360 view cameras, park assist and whatnot ensures a less than half hour wait for finding a parking spot. A smaller footprint also ensures that you will be able to take them to denser parts of the city where one doesn’t dare driving in.

  • Money Matters

“If you want to be rich, never give up”. This is a quote from the movie Wolf of the Wall Street. Inkeeping with this philosophy, you should go ahead with an EV for the almost negligible running and maintenance costs which guarantees that you’ll be closer to affording that sexy red Lambo from the same movie.

With advanced battery technologies, connected car features and even AI these days, a small 2 door EV might just be the answer to commuting the “cool new way”. Co-incidentally, MG will be launching their small EV, christened the Air EV soon which is exactly what the new cool is about! Details will follow as soon as they are out, here only on Shutterdrives. For now, you can go follow our Instagram for more. If you liked reading this, do checkout our Car News section and tell us your in the comments below!