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Shutter Drives

Shutterdrives Media is a digital platform for automotive reviews, news, experience drives, and travelogues. It’s one of the few websites in India to offer the Make-Model-Variant feature that churns out details of the vehicle selected. Bootstrapped by its founder, Shutterdrives has reached a leading position in the auto review space, which is witnessed by success story publications from various leading publications like YourStory, Yahoo finance, and Dailyhunt. With a large number of followers on Instagram, a dynamic presence on YouTube, and a web platform covering in-depth reviews for the new and upcoming car models. It has a very loyal and engaging consumer base, that portrays its passion and zeal for its content. Further, Shutterdrives is the only automotive review platform in India to have its presence on Google Reviews, the 5-star rating from the reviewers is no surprise.