5 Cars that were ahead of its time in the Indian market

Automotive technology is a very fast changing and advancing technology. In the past few decades we have seen immense development in the technology which is usually eagerly accepted by the market. However, once in a blue moon a product comes by that is way too advanced for the market and sadly ends up being a

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Retro Cars- The Fiat

Retro cars; an opinion

Pick a random car from the post war era and there are high chances you’ll end up with some robust, simple and fun-to-drive machines. Perhaps it was the era of the mass market coming alive around the world. Be it the german “People’s car”(which is the literal translation of Volkswagen), the nice tiny little Fiat

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Are Electric Vehicles (EV) future of mobility?

The whole world has experienced all types of IC (Internal Combustion) Engines which majorly run on fuels such as Diesel or Petrol. These fuels fall under the category of Non-renewable source of energy, meaning once used they cannot be replenished. The major disadvantage of using these fuels, they release CO2 (carbon dioxide), as a result

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Kitna deti hai? Fuel efficiency tips

Kitna deti hai? Probably this is the most frequently asked question in Indian auto space. While the car is responsible for the best fuel efficiency, a lot is dependent on us to gain the maximum out of it. You can follow such simple techniques to get the most for your buck.  1. Maintain the correct

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Monsoon Driving Tips

Check your tires – Good tyres become all the more important during the monsoon because the tyre needs to dispel water out of its grooves constantly to maintain grip with the road. If the tread is worn, there is no place for the water to leave out of the tyre, and the car ends up

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How to change a Flat Tire?

1. Find a safe location As soon as you realise you have a flat tire, do not abruptly brake or turn.  Slowly reduce speed and scan your surroundings for a level, straight stretch of road with a wide shoulder. An empty parking lot would be an ideal place. Level ground is good because it will

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