High Security Registration Plates- Explained!

All vehicles plying on Indian roads are required to be registered with the RTO and bear a registration plate (license plate or number plate) as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. To curb vehicle thefts and crimes as well as tampering and use of fake registrations, the government introduced the HSRP or High Registration Security Plates. Rosemerta is one of the few vendors tasked with manufacturing and fitting of these advanced plates with significant security systems in place. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits and features-

Key Outstanding Features of HSRP

  • Chromium Hologram
  • Laser Numbering- Each car will have a unique numbering code thus making them tamper proof
  • In case of rear registration plate, same to be fitted with a non-reusable snap lock making it very difficult to steal
  • In front and rear registration plates, letter of country code in blue color is hot stamped- IND in the case of India.
  • Letters ’county code’ in blue colour on extreme left centre of the plates
  • A Retro Reflective Film, bearing a verification inscription ’India’ at 45 degree inclination
  • Registration Number to be embossed on the plates
  • A Chromium based third registration plate in the form of sticker is to be attached to the wind shield, wherein the number of engine and chassis are indicated along with the name of registering authority to verify aunthenticity

Types Of Number Plates In India - HSRP, Fancy Number Plates, And More

Benefits of HSRP:

  • Improvement of security scenario by assisting law enforcing authorities in tackling road related crimes
  • Enhanced night visibility, enabling reading of the number plates and identifying the vehicles
  • Nearly impossible to duplicate and counterfeit
  • Better issue control and traceability
  • Standard format of number plates
  • Maintaining a web based centralized database for the government

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