Pavagada Solar Park with the Mahindra XUV400 EL Pro

Solar power helps us breathe cleaner, and keeps mother earth happy. Not to mention the cost advantages, it is also more than just a power source helping local economies, providing employment and generating clean, green energy for everybody! Today, you join us on an adventure to Pavagada Solar Park- a massive 13,000 acre solar farm with our companion for today- the newly launched Mahindra XUV400 EL Pro with new interiors, better features and a whole lot more!

But first, to tackle the mania we call the B’luru traffic! Thankfully, our XUV400 EL Pro now comes with a new, larger 34.5kwh battery pack with a range of 375km! The best in class thermal management and 50kW DC fast charging capability throws away any range anxiety out the window! It also gets dual-zone climate control with rear AC vents to keep our temperatures cool and breezy in the maddening chaos around us. Soon, we are out of the city onto the smooth sweeping highways where the car holds its own. The stability and poise it holds over tarmac is remarkable. The new sporty steering wheel feels great in your hands and the new digital instrument cluster looks futuristic and modern.

The new 10.25 inch touchscreen is slick and gets wireless connectivity along with inbuilt navigation

We are going to the Pavagada Solar Park today. Some interesting trivia on it include a 2000MW production capacity! Spread over 13,000 acres of land in northern Karnataka, it is the third largest of such facilities in the world and generates enough electricity to power Karnataka and a couple of neighbouring states as well. A revolutionary facility, it has lifted up the local economy greatly, providing direct and indirect unemployment to a predominantly poor region. This was set up at a cost of more than Rs. 16,500 crores and is a part of the state government’s efforts to increase sustainability. It is truly a sight to behold and an example for the great achievements of our nation.

The dual-zone AC and rear AC vents in the XUV400 EL Pro ensure you remain cool and calm

Now, being a remote rural part of the country roads and navigation tend to be difficult. No problemo! The XUV400 EL Pro now gets a 10.25 inch touchscreen infotainment with Wireless Android Auto, Apple Carplay and in-built navigation so you never get lost. The harsh road conditions are a concern, but to others. For us however, it is a cake walk with the comfortable suspension all while being cocooned inside with the dual-tone interiors and a sophisticated new dashboard design.

50kW DC fast charging tops up the XUV400 EL Pro from 0-80% in just 50 minutes

Right on then, it is getting dark and we must head back to the city. The excellent headlights of the XUV400 EL Pro are a boon in such situations. But before that, let us stop for a moment and juice up our companion as well as ourselves. The XUV400 EL Pro can take up to 50kW of DC fast charging and juice up the battery from 0-80% in just 50 minutes while we can fully monitor the car and get it ready on my phone using the AdrenoX connected car tech! While at it, we can also use the new wireless smartphone charger with active cooling and charging phone left alert reminder for your safety.

The new digital instrument cluster in the XUV400 EL Pro is smart and sophisticated

Finally, before we end up in the chaotic and maniacal Bengaluru traffic once again, we would love to give a shoutout to KSRDCL for giving us an opportunity to showcase the amazing project to the world. A word for Mahindra as well for making this wonderful XUV400 EL Pro version which has made the clean and green XUV even more stylish and cooler.

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