2024 Hyundai Creta facelift review- destined for success?

The Creta facelift builds on the mighty successful prior models


  • Powerful new 1.5 turbo-petrol engine
  • Just the right size
  • Excellent fit-and-finish
  • Sober styling will be more universally liked
  • Improved ride quality


  • DCT has noticeable lag in shifts
  • Turbo-petrol restricted to top variant and AT
  • Seat bolstering could be better
  • No wireless Android Auto/ Apple Carplay in top variants
  • Some plastics could have better quality

Hyundai’s Creta, after two generations and three iterations has proved to be a formidable force to reckon with, not just in the segment but the entire mass market. Performing consistently better than each previous version, it has become Hyundai’s most important model in the market. It created waves in 2015 when the first generation was launched and later in 2020 with the second one as well. You see then, it’s not “just” another crossover but really the daddy of the segment. With competition ramping up however, Hyundai has decided to give it a nip and tuck facelift and that is what we have with us here today. Is Hyundai staring at another sales record? Let’s find out!

Hyundai Creta facelift Design

Ironically enough, design was perhaps the biggest dividing factor among the general public. It was radical, space-y and unconventional. The facelift is different though. Make no mistake, it’s still not everybody’s Ferrari, yet hardly anybody should reject it solely on the basis of styling. At the front, the Creta now gets a square grille with 4 horizontal slats finished in “dark chrome” as Hyundai calls it. There is a new DRL element as well with a connected light bar going across. A massive faux silver skidplate underlines the front end and is flanked with the now vertically placed headlights. Note the absence of foglights as is in latest Hyundais.

Towards the side, not much has changed. It still retains the proportionate shape and the huge silver accent (something which should not exist). The only real change are the alloys which now get a more sharper and edgy design.

At the rear, the design has been cleaned up. The taillights now form a part of a sleek black surround encompassing the rear of the car along with a, you guessed it, connected light bar. The reverse light has been moved to the centre of the new rear bumper which can look a bit odd. Overall, one gets used to the styling much quicker than the pre-facelifts- something I am still to wrap my head around.

Hyundai Creta facelift Interior & Features

Inside is where the biggest changes lie. In true Hyundai fashion, the moment you sit inside you’re treated a modern, premium-feeling cabin. An updated dashboard in the facelift only does more than its part to make the cabin feel modern. Yes, some plastics in the lower part could be better, but overall it provides a nice-feeling cabin experience. The highlight inside is clearly the twin 10.25 inch screens; the centre one being a touchscreen and the other, a digital instrument cluster. Both screens are crisp, responsive and make the interior feel great. Another touch I love are the physical buttons for climate control functions- something disappearing slowly. A nice little touch is the rose gold trim going around the lower edge of the screens.

Talking of features, the Creta facelift comes with a host of new additions. The list includes L2 ADAS with adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and a whole lot more, 8 way powered driver seat, ventilated front seats, rear sunblinds, dual-zone climate control, 360 degree camera, auto emergency braking among a trove of more gadgetry. All these only add to the convenience and wow factor. I also like the unique grey, white and black tones used inside which do their part to make the cabin feel airy. The attention-to-detail with the orange stitching compliments the theme very well.

Speaking of comfort, the seats remain largely unchanged and offer good support all-around. The bolstering could be improved though. The rear seat is also quite a nice place to be in. With the 2 step reclining backrest, soft cushions, sunblinds and the hard seat foam, it’s an excellent place for long durations. In classic Creta fashion, there is a good amount of space for the size and you won’t feel claustrophobic inside. Boot space remains unchanged at 411L.

Hyundai Creta facelift Performance

Under the hood, the Creta facelift comes with a choice of a 1.5L MPI NA Petrol, a new 1.5L turbo-petrol and a 1.5L CRDI diesel engines. You can read our review of the 1.5 turbo-petrol in our Hyundai Verna review here. This time, I got to drive the 1.5L NA Petrol mated to the IVT transmission. It makes a modest figure of 113HP and 144NM of torque.

Start up the car and the engine is almost completely silent. Right off the bat, as you give throttle one can feel a nice, smooth wave of low end torque culminating in a decent mid range. However, this engine is at its best when cruising. Pushing it till the redline will yield more noise, not much progress and an unpleasant groan. Overall, this is an engine made for the open roads, never feeling underpowered nor something to set the streets on fire. For that, you have the sweet turbo-petrol.

The IVT is a great choice of transmission. It goes about its way in a smooth and silent manner with far less “rubber-band effect” than conventional CVTs. Hyundai also provides paddles shifters as standard with the AT variants, but the IVT is tuned so well you will never feel the need to use them.

As speeds go up, you notice a balanced suspension tune- the older car had a soft edge to it making it feel floaty at triple digit speeds. There is none of that here. The suspension is composed, silent and comfortable for the most part. It does still have a softer edge to it, but not at the cost of poise mid-corner and passenger comfort. Given this tune, it is a comfortable car to drive on pothole-lined roads as well. Talking of the steering, it weighs up well but lacks enough feedback. This does not affect precision though and you never feel out of control.

Hyundai Creta Verdict

Another sales record then? You bet, Hyundai has announced that it’s received more than 52,000 bookings within a month of launch. But then, being a Creta it was always going to do that and with good reason. It is as close to an all-rounder as it could be. Something to keep your head and heart reasonably happy as well as your wallet and family. A comfortable, practical, no-nonsense yet safe choice is now also tech-laden, little bit zesty and modern as well. All this does come at a hefty price tag though with the top end stretching to as much as Rs. 20 Lakhs (Ex-showroom). All this has little consequence, afterall the Creta is India’s favourite little korean baby.

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