The story of Bhagwati Prem with Hyundai Exter

5 years ago, a ship started sailing from Mumbai towards Karnataka’s Mangaluru and never made it back. What exactly went wrong? To find out more about this jaw-dropping incredible story, we drove the Hyundai Exter from namma Bengaluru- all the way to Suratkal which is now home to this abandoned ship since the last 5 years. This is the story of Bhagwati prem.

Bhagwati Prem, the ship that met its unfortunate fate

To start off with today’s quest we have to first take the gorgeous Mysuru expressway. Long winding roads of smooth tarmac are easy-peasy for the Exter. The cruise control especially helps to reduce fatigue by a great deal as does the smooth shifting AMT automatic gearbox. Now today, we are actually going to Surathkal, a beautiful beach town close to Mangaluru to tell you a fascinating, yet unfortunate story you will never forget. But first, we have to hit the ghats!

Crossing Coorg, we join the lovely western ghats with charming teak trees dotted alongside, with the voice activated sunroof providing amazing views, The Ranger khaki colour of the Exter along with the brawny and tough styling fits right in the scenery here as it does in the urban jungles while the 7 inch touchscreen ensures solid entertainment with the convenience of voice commands on the go. And soon we will descend on to the pretty little beach town of Surathkal as today’s adventure awaits!

With 6 airbags, the Hyundai Exter ensures you remain safe when hazard comes on you

Bhagwati prem isn’t a cargo ship, it is a sand dredger which is used to remove sand accumulated in the waterways closer to the harbours so that other ships can pass through easily. Unfortunately, while sailing Bhagwati prem was victim to a sea storm in the middle of a night which lead to loss of engine power leading to it’s unfortunate fate. With this accident, the ship became a hazard in the sea and was hence towed here, to be later broken down and scrapped. It could have also been sunk like others but that could also have posed a danger to other sea traffic as well as the marine life around it.

Cruise control and a smooth shifting AMT ensure stress free long drives

Keeping you safe is another bold trait that Exter possesses. With 6 airbags as standard and a factory fit dual dashcam, it ensures you and your family are safe be it on the expressway or the hills. Back to the ship, it has brought a fascinating and unexpected change around the ecology too. According to the local fishermen, the massive 114m long ship calms down the waves in the area around it and has lead to a noticeable increase of marine life in the area around it. A true story of how an unfortunate circumstance led to a positive outcome!

Our time with the ship has come to an end and sadly, so has it with the delightful little Hyundai. With a refined 1.2L engine, smooth AMT and goodies such as a wireless charger and rear ac vents, it makes for a remarkable partner on such adventures. Where are you heading for your next adventure?

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